MSA 30X Sound Amplifier Review



If you have difficulty hearing or you currently use a hearing devise that uses expensive batteries, then you may want to seriously consider the MSA 30X hearing aid. It is an inexpensive and lightweight amplifer that is discreet to wear, and rechargeable!

 The MSA 30X is a brand new hearing aid devise called a personal sound amplifier. The real beauty of this devise is the fact that it does not use expensive batteries that are a real hassle to deal with. Couple that convenience with the soft rubber ear buds and the extremely low price and you have a real winner here. There are some other cheap hearing devices on the market, but unlike those ones, MSA 30X uses a rechargeable system that really leaves you scratching your head wondering why its taken so long for something like this to come out at a great price like this. Like many of the devises you are already using, you can charge it up using a wall outlet or the USB port on your computer.

It uses clear plastic tubing to connect the ear buds to the control box which makes it very discreet when using the devise. Overall the MSA30x is a great light weight hearing aid that is so comfortable to wear that you forget you even have it on.

 MSA 30X Comes Complete with

  • 1 Charger
  • 2 Ear Pieces
  • 1 Recharging Station
  • 10 silicone buds in various sizes
  • 2 cleaning brushes

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